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20. Mrz 2023 | Author: Achim Kern |

Hello and welcome to our internet pages.

You will find here our LCARS SmartHome and SmartSensor project, Multimedia Travel Guides and Information Brochures, Games and complex Applications.
Most of our software is done with Hollywood.

Hollywood is a light-weight, but still powerful programming language that is just about two megabytes in size and does not require any external components. Hence, it is ideal for creating programs which run right out of the box. In fact, Hollywood programs will run perfectly from an USB flash drive without any prior installation whatsoever. The following platform architectures are currently supported by Hollywood:

AmigaOS 3 (m68k) AmigaOS 4 (ppc) Android (arm) AROS (x86)
iOS (arm) Linux (x86) Linux (x64)
Linux (arm) Linux (ppc) macOS (x86) macOS (x64) macOS (ppc)
MorphOS (ppc) WarpOS (m68k/ppc) Windows (x86) Windows (x64)

Surf at your leisure through our pages and download the provided programs to your favorite computer system and OS.

To support our developments, we would appreciate donations via PayPal forward for financing new projects.

Our current main project is the

SMART HOME Hardware and Software Development

LIVE SnapShot from our SmartHome (update ervery 10 minutes)

The connected home with its many possibilities and the control of our daily lives has not yet enforced in reality,
but it's probably only a matter of time and it is very likely that the reality our ideas will outstrip.

Connect as Startup your MQTT broker, Node-Red, InfluxDB and Grafana (RaspberryPi or WinOS10) with our Hollywood application and your operating system. Expand the system step by step with room SensorNodes, actors and AWS skills to have ALEXA, Amy and Marlene at your side. Upgrade with a LoRaWan Gateway to be part of a big TTN community and running outdoor systems.
Call sensors, control your lights and actors, appliances, heating, sound system, TV, Cameras etc. , send data to your website and all major IoT Clouds, receive push messages on your phone - everything is possible.
On a tablet with Android or WinOS-10 a perfect and beautiful smart home control system in StarTrek LCARS Design.
Thanks to Hollywood Player - it is also available on OS4 , MorphOS , MacOS, Android etc.
The system is constantly being expanded with additional functions.
Twitter Video

After 2 years of development, Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working men in code business, are proud to announce the immediate availability of Hollywood 10: Xcelicious. Hollywood is a programming language that can be used to create a wide variety of programs, ranging from games and GUI-based applications for desktop systems to mobile apps for Android and iOS. Hollywood's special feature is its support for retro platforms (e.g. AmigaOS, MorphOS, AROS) and modern operating systems (e.g. Windows, macOS, Linux) alike. It comes with a library of over 1000 commands and its functionality can be extended further through over 30 plugins which are available for free download.
Hollywood - Multimedia Application Layer (hollywood-mal.de)

SEEED Wio Terminal LoRa MQTT Gateway using Arduino IDE
Transform your Wio Terminal into a Matrix LoRa MQTT Gateway. Transmit received LoRa messages to a MQTT Broker and act as SensorNode too.

In today’s article, we are going to build a Matrix LoRa MQTT Gateway with your Wio Terminal ! This project sets up Wio Terminal as a LoRa gateway, but also it acts as a own SensorNode via the MQTT protocol too. To demonstrate the function and features of this gateway you can build a small SensorNode with a Seeed Xiao and some Grove actors and sensors.

hackster.io - Tutorial SEEED Wio Terminal LoRa MQTT Gateway

M5STACK recently released the ATOM DTU LoRaWAN868. The M5STACK ATOM can be programmed using Arduino IDE (2.0.4). The tutorial on hackster.io shows you how to connect UNIT ENVIII, UNIT PIR to this system and how we transmit all that data to The Things Network V3.


Your LCARS SmartHome SensorNode will be able to measure your environment data (temperature, humidity and pressure) and intruder motions. The LED in front of the ATOM will always inform you about the system status.

hackster.io - Tutorial M5STACK ATOM DTU LoRaWAN868

Every 10 minutes we will send automaticly sensor data to TTN - if you pess the button - you can send messages manualy. The PIR Unit will count motions between your sending periods. LED WHITE - system is booting and joining TTN LED BLUE - system has joined TTN and sending data LED RED - intruder alert LED GREEN - system actual in stand-by mode The Arduino Code is well documented and compiled with the new IDE 2.0.4. Also you will see very detailed DEBUG messages about every single step.


New Wio-E5 Development Kit (TTN-LoRaWan-E5 projects) Eclipse Programming
Wio-E5 Development Kit is a compact development toolset for you to unlock the powerful performance of the Wio-E5 STM32WLE5JC. It consists of a Wio-E5 Dev Board, an antenna(EU868/US915), a USB type C cable, and a 2*AA 3V Battery Holder. Wio-E5 Dev Board embedded with Wio-E5 STM32WLE5JC Module that supports LoRaWAN® protocol on global frequency band. It leads out full GPIOs of Wio-E5 supporting various data protocols and interfaces including RS-485, Grove, male/female headers, etc.

It would be a perfect choice for fast testing and rapid prototyping of your LoRa® IoT projects. Wio-E5 Dev Board embedded with Wio-E5 STM32WLE5JC Module, which is the world-first combo of LoRa RF and MCU chip into one single tiny chip and is FCC and CE certified. It is powered by ARM Cortex-M4 core and Semtech SX126X LoRa® chip, supports both LoRaWAN® and LoRa® protocol on the worldwide frequency and (G)FSK, BPSK, (G)MSK, and LoRa® modulations.


New Wio Terminal projects
Actually we are developing two new Wio Terminal projects in cooperation with Eton Xiong von Seeed.
It's a LoRa MQTT Gateway and a TTN V3 Power Sensor Node. So stay tuned.
How to build all that stuff you will finally see on hackster.io.


Measure natural gas consumption - new energy project
Every day we hear new bad news about Availability of natural gas in Germany.
So we think it is time to learn how we can reduce consumption - first step measuring.
Indoor temperatures, outside temperatures, flow and return temperatures of your heating systems and finally how many gas do we need if...
So stay tuned ... remember our electricity project - we could reduce 28% consumption on this project !

MERMAID AMICA - new Hollywood game in development
Hello together, mermaid amica is coming - another kid game done with Hollywood.
Actually we are working hard to build all sprites and backgrounds - all looks fine - smooth animations and bright colors.
The goal of the game is - like done in the Balloons game - collect items (pearls, coins, bubbles, hearts, seahorses etc.) in the deep ocean. Some guys and parts will disturb you - higher level more items and correct order and limit time ...
So stay tuned.



On our Synology NAS we have now installed the new InfluxDB 2.0 in a docker container.
The new features in the  InfluxDB 2.0 are amazing. You can analyse your data, create dashboards, alerts etc.
Also it provides code snipets (arduino esp32 esp8266) to use in your software with all needed credentials.
Get InfluxDB | #1 Ranked Time Series Database | InfluxData



ZX Spectrum 40th Anniversity
On the 23rd April 1982, Cambridge-based Sinclair Research unveiled its latest product and 40 years later, its influence and place in history cannot be overstated. Without the ZX Spectrum, the games industry – at least in the UK and certain other European countries – would certainly not be the behemoth it is today.
Congratulations - check out our tribute to this computer from KeHoSoftware.
Games SINCLAIR ZX SPECTRUM from KeHo Software (keho-software.com)


WioLink WioNode - now running on our own Server on a Synology NAS and Docker - finally we solved that task too ...
Another big step was changing from the external US Server to our local home server on our Synology NAS.
Using Docker - it was simple. Download Docker Image - install and run.
Nothing more ! (no apache or other things etc. )
In the app change to custom server. Got it.
One good hint - delete all devices in the old config, install app new to have a fresh system.
killingjacky/wio_link - Docker Image | Docker Hub

Now we can connect easy plenty sensor nodes,  have high speed data, short compile and flashing firmware cycles.
There are 150+ kinds of plug and play Groves modules available, which were supported on WioLink and WioNode.
The provided and well documented HTTP API in the App is a milestone too - connect everything easy - my way ...


BLE MQTT Gateway - finally we solved that task ...
One missing feature of the LCARS SmartHome system now closed - a perfect working ble mqtt gateway which can handle easily plenty of our bluetooth sensor nodes - the solution --> OpenMQTTGateway.
You can flash this fantastic software directly via Web to an M5STACK ATOM for example.
OpenMQTTGateway v0.9.10
(Option 1) Upload from the web | OpenMQTTGateway v0.9.10
To avoid complex pairing, lost of connections etc. we transfer all
BLE data encoded by advertizing in the servicedata area.
A node-red mqtt receiver node grabs the provided data, send it to influxdb and we visualize with grafana.
Perfect and easy - no complex pairing - no data lost...



Balloons - shoot the balloons - Hollywood9 - we have reanimated our AROS and MorphOS systems
The goal of this little computer game is shooting balloons - the game runs fine also on AROS and MorphOS !


RaspberryPi Pico - some new shields and boards - CircuitPython and MicroPython
Actually we are testing some RaspberryPi Pico's - mounted on very nice shields from Cytron and Elektor.



New software Websites 2022
This year (2022) two new master software websites will go online.
so stay tuned...

TTN Console V3 - Shutdown V2
Finally all is done - TTN Console V2 is now history.
Today a last big step was done - our old V2 RaspberryPi Gateway is now a new Basestation on V3.
Check this if you need help https://wiki.opennet-initiative.de/wiki/LoRaWAN-GW-Schritt-für-Schritt
Some other hardware news - we actually check some LoRaWan SensorNodes from Elsys Sweden.
They look pretty nice - more to come soon.
ERS – en (elsys.se)


Balloons - shoot the balloons - Hollywood9 - MacOS, Win10, AmigaOS4.1
The goal of this little computer game is shooting balloons.
The game makes good progress - actually we can play already 5 levels - 15 more to come. So stay tuned.
Greetings to our game tester Lars and Daniel and the good feedbacks to make this game better and better.
'Action game: 'Balloons' for all Amiga systems' (amiga-news.de)

Nano BLE Sense - Arduino IDE LoRa BLE Sensor Node - Tiny Machine Learning kit
Actually we are testing some Arduino Nano BLE Sense - mounted on different shields.
These Nodes will fit perfect into the LCARS SmartHome system cause they have already many sensors on board.
We combined the system with a motion sensor, co2 sensor, voc sensor and a dust sensor - so this is a power node.
Data communication expanded using LoRaWan private and TTN - data storage in an influxdb, extra visualisation with grafana and last but not least completly included in our LCARS SmartHome, Apple Home, Home Assistent and Alexa.
So we have reached a new milestone so far.


Seeed Xiao - Arduino IDE TTN Node
Actually we are testing also some Seeed XIAO's - mounted on a GROVE shield.
They are connected to the TTN and to our private LoRaWan network.
Working as a SensorNode using the new Grove - LoRa-E5.
The complete coding is done with the Arduino IDE.


RaspberryPi Pico - MicroPython
Actually we are testing some RaspberryPi Pico's - mounted on a GROVE shield.
They are connected to the TTN as a giant SensorNode using the RAK4200.
The complete coding is done (first time) with MicroPython.

In the code you can select plenty of pre-defined sensors and actors you finally want to use.
Then connect them to your shield, flash the code and run.

Balloons - shoot the balloons - Hollywood9 - MacOS, Win10, AmigaOS4.1
The goal of this little computer game is shooting balloons.
The game is like MarsTankAttack a remake and actually under construction... so stay tuned

MarsTankAttack - tank battle game on mars - Hollywood9 - AmigaOS4.1
The goal of this little computer game is destroying the battle tank of the enemy.
This game is a remake of the Howitzer Duell from Juma so far.


After more than 2 years of development, Airsoft Softwair is proud to present Hollywood 9: Sugarcane.
This is a massive update and contains tons of new features and improvements.

LCARS SmartHome - TTN console V3 - MikroTik Gateway
As we all already know - this summer TTN will make a big step and change to the new V3 console.
If you have a bunch of devices online like we do - it is the right time now to switch softly step by step.

We decided to establish at first a new gateway - recommended from the TTN group Stuttgart is actually the
MikroTik LoRaWAN - wAP LoRa8 kit with external antenna. The implementation was very easy.


Next we create / copied the application from our M5Stack SensorNodes and connect 2 devices.
All runs fine out of the box so far. To work and handle the sensor data in the LCARS SmartHome
environment like we did already on the V2 console - we grab the data from the new TTN MQTT V3 servers.
That's it.

LCARS SmartHome - M5Stack AWS CORE2
We got 2 of these smart nodes which are able to connect to Amazon AWS and provide a thing and ALEXA.


Welcome to the first AWS IoT EduKit tutorial. To complete this exercise, you will need the M5Stack Core2 ESP32 IoT Development Kit for AWS reference hardware. This getting started tutorial will walk you through a smart home solution to control some of the onboard peripherals via the iOS or Android Rainmaker Phone Application or through the Rainmaker CLI. This walkthrough does not require an AWS account and is meant to provide a quick demonstration of an embedded application that is enriched by connectivity to AWS IoT.

The solution you will walkthrough uses the Espressif RainMaker platform, which is powered by AWS, to provide a customizable smart home application without managing the infrastructure. There is no additional cost to using Espressif’s RainMaker Platform.


LCARS SmartHome - WioTerminal MQTT Intercom
In today’s article, we are going to build an Arduino wireless intercom with our Wio Terminal!
This project sets up your Wio Terminal as a desk clock, but also allows you to send and receive messages to other devices via the MQTT protocol. The original software is from Jonathan Tan - we tuned and modified to LCARS.


LCARS SmartHome - M5STACK - Tough
We got one M5Stack Tough prototype to test. Inside crimping of the wires could be better.
But last but not least - it is nice node - waterproof - industrial fit - and we build a energy room node at first.


We made some progress with our UI - looks and works great now.
Next step - include all rooms, devices, sensors and actors.


LCARS SmartHome - M5STACK - SinricPro door bell - web radio - TTN SensorNode
We have developed many small and great
M5Stack applications which fit perfect into LCARS SmartHome so far.




LCARS SmartHome - Dragino - TTN Sensors
We have implemented and tested Dragino TTN Garden Outdoor and Door sensors.
Easy to activate, work out of the box - good price.


LCARS SmartHome - Wio Terminal - WIO VIRTUAL DOCTOR
With help of this application we can now measure heart beat, store data in influxdb, visualize and alert with Grafana.


LCARS SmartHome - Wio Terminal - great demo to show how connect to Azure
With help of this great tutorial it is easy to connect a certificate Wio Terminal IoT device to Azure.


LCARS SmartHome - M5PAPER and M5StickC SmartSensorNodes
Today another new member arrived - the M5PAPER and the M5StickC.
M5PAPER looks great and could be a good room wall device in future in the LCARS SmartHome so far.


LCARS SmartHome - M5Stack SmartSensorNode
Today another new member arrived - the M5Stack Core2.
Actually we do a lot to combine and use the M5STACK systems in our LCARS SmartHome System.
Major task is to visualize other nodes, to measure room air quality with connected sensors,
provide data to mqtt broker and to show alarms with Philips HUE lights (HTTP).
All looks pretty nice with the 3D printed cases so far.

LCARS SmartHome - RaspberryPi4 system
Today another new member joined - a RaspberryPi4 system.
Finally we could now run everthing on it - InfluxDB, Grafana, Node-Red, Python, Arduino IDE, external board etc. SUPER


LCARS SmartHome - Arduino Opla IoT Kit SmartSensorNode
This week we will receive some new Arduino IoT stuff and hopefully it fits perfect in our LCARS SmartHome Systems.


The Oplà IoT Kit allows you to add connectivity to devices around the home or workplace. It comes complete with a set of 8 Internet of Things self assemble projects ready to show you how to turn everyday appliances into ‘smart appliances’ and build custom connected devices that can be controlled with your mobile phone.


LCARS SmartHome - CO2 traffic light for measuring and displaying air quality
Especially in Corona times, CO2 traffic lights for measuring the carbon dioxide value of the air and for displaying the measured air quality are on everyone's lips. Ideal for rooms in which several people stay for a long time (e.g. also in schools / classrooms / offices), exhaling naturally, which can result in carbon dioxide pollution in the room air.
The sensor measures the CO2 value, transmits it and the result is then e.g. indicated with a traffic light.
For example red = urgent ventilation. We too dared to develop a first copy ...



LCARS SmartHome - M5Stack SmartSensorNode
Today another new member (5 systems) is joining the LCARS SmartHome family - M5Stack (Fire). Instead of being a single embedded functional module, M5Stack is more of a complete system equipped with Screen + Moduls + Units + Input/Output Interface + Enclosure, making it an efficient and Product-Ready Product.


M5Stack FIRE Kit, as one of the M5Stack developing kit series, is an upgrade from the Gray kits. Providing a 9-Axis IMU sensor(6-Axis posture acceleration measurement + 3-Axis magnetic measurement), it equips with more hardware resources: 16M Flash + 4M PSRAM, enhanced Base (M5GO Base and M5GO CHG Base), larger battery, etc. For those developers who ask for hardware performance, Fire will be a good choice. With an IMU posture sensor, there are a lot of situations in which you can apply this kit to detecting acceleration, angulation, and trajectory. You can make relative products like sports data collectors, 3D remote gesture controllers, and more base on the above functions. FIRE is an M5Stack Core device. Its modular, stackable, scalable, and portable device is powered with an ESP-32 core, which makes it open-source, low cost, full-function, and easy for developers to handle new product development on all stages include circuit design, PCB design, software, mold design, and production.

M5Stack Fire comes with three separable parts. The top part, just like Basic and Gray Kit, has all kinds of processors, chips, sockets, 2.4G antenna, ESP32, power management IC, an LCD screen, and some other interface components. The middle part is called the M5GO base which provides a lithium battery, M-BUS socket, LED bar, and three more GROVE Ports. The bottom part is a charge table, which can be connected to the M5GO base via POGO pins. If you want to explore the fastest way of IoT prototyping, the M5Stack development board is the perfect solution.

Not like others, M5Stack development board is highly efficient, covered with industrial-grade case and ESP32-based development board. It integrates with Wi-Fi & Bluetooth modules and contains a dual-core and 16MB of SPI Flash. Together with 30+ M5Stack stackable modules, 40+ extendable units, and different levels of program language, you can create and verify your IoT product in a very short time.

Supportive development platforms and programming languages: Arduino, Blockly language with UIFlow, Micropython. Regardless of what level programming skill you have, M5Stack would guide you in every step of the way to realize your idea as well as to the final productization. If you ever played with ESP8266, you would realize that ESP32 is a perfect upgrade out of ESP8266. In comparison, ESP32 has more GPIOs, more analog inputs, and two analog outputs, multiple extra peripherals( like a spare UART ). Official developing platform ESP-IDF has transplanted with FreeRTOS. With dual-core and real-time OS you can get more organized code and much high-speed processor..


LCARS SmartHome - WioTerminal SmartSensorNode
Today a new Wio member (5 systems) is joining the LCARS SmartHome family - Wio Terminal. Instead of being a single embedded functional module, Wio Terminal is more of a complete system equipped with Screen + Development Board + Input/Output Interface + Enclosure, making it an efficient and Product-Ready Product.

With Wio Terminal, you can: 

Compatible with Arduino and Micropython, Wio Terminal is an ATSAMD51-based microcontroller with wireless connectivity supported by Realtek RTL8720DN. Its CPU speed runs at 120MHz (Boost up to 200MHz). Realtek RTL8720DN chip supports both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi providing the backbone for IoT projects. The Wio Terminal itself is equipped with a 2.4” LCD Screen, onboard IMU(LIS3DHTR), microphone, buzzer, microSD card slot, light sensor, and infrared emitter(IR 940nm). On top of that, it also has two multifunctional Grove ports for Grove Ecosystem and Raspberry pi 40-pin compatible GPIO for more add-ons.

Actually we are testing 3 systems. One is already connected with external sensors, another can read mqtt messages from other nodes and visualize them. The combination of internal and external sensors, the connectivity with mqtt and the tft color display makes this hardware a must have. The big advantage will happen if SEEED can deliver the new battery pack with on/off switch as fast as possible.


LCARS SmartHome - SmartMeter
Finally we got our Smartmeter and connect it to our SmartHome applications.
So we are now able to see all "energy hungry devices" and how much we finally consume per day.
We think this is a major and must feature if we all want a more and green world.
Data is visualized via InfluxDB and Grafana - and of course in the LCARS SmartHome application.

Finally we have detected some very hungry devices in two of our apartments so far.
Solution - let them not run when they want to - provide energy only in defined time areas with a power switch.

So far we could decrease our energy consume up to 25-30% !
We recommand the monitoring of your Smartmeters is a must in the future.


Return of KeHoSoftware in the AMIGA Game Sector
We are proud to announce the development of our new Hollywood Amiga Game MARS TANK ATTACK.
It's a 2-player (second player can be your computer or a virtual player) tank duel game.



AmigaOS 4.1 Final Edition Update 1   - finally we got the new WIN10-PRO emulated system
8 years later - in 2012 we started with a  AmigaOne500 system - today we are back again on a WIN10 Emulation.
All looks fine - now we have a lot of work - copy and rebuild all the our great AMIGA software again.


LEGO Mindstorms EV3  - Alexa Gadgets
Our Christmas gift last year have been developing kits of the famous LEGO Mindstorms EV3 systems.
So we could build our first robots which can be totally controlled with Amazon Alexa.



BOSCH IoT-Suite  - Octopus Systems
Actually we are running and testing a bunch of Octopus IoT Systems inside the BOSCH IoT Suite.
Sending data, receiving messages, flashing etc.

BOSCH XDK TTN Stuttgart Fernsehturm  - Octopus LoRaWan Extension
Guido Burger provided us also a bunch of LoRaWan Extensions for our Octopus Systems.
And we have had a big testing of the BOSCH XDK LoRaWan System on the highest point in Stuttgart - the TV Tower.


Arduino MKR and ESP32 ArduiTouch
We received 2 ArduiTouch Systems - they look great and will fit perfect into LCARS SmartHome SmartSensor System.

LCARS SmartHome ALEXA Skill - Prototype of BOSCH SmartHome Integration and the TTN LoRaWan Sensors
Looks pretty good - Bosch SmartHome Integration and TTN Devices Integration - awesome.

BOSCH - LoRaWan ParkSensor - BOSCH XDK VirtualXDK
Big things coming up - testing BOSCH LoRaWan Parksensors - and finally the sound sensor is inside the XDK App.


BOSCH XDK TTN LoRaWan Extension - Particle Photon - Octopus - new 3D cases
Finally we got a bunch of XDK LoRaWan Extensions and build a first device (TTN) set powered by a solar panel.
You can order all that stuff now by all big german electronic resellers.


Actually we are testing 3D cases which fits all our needs - all our hardware solutions fit inside with small changes.



More new TTN devices test series - PCB`s - cases - got 3 developer particle photon kits
Some new TTN devices arrived and we build up. Biggest challenge - running all the time - energy from solar panel.
Also we got 3 maker kits from particle photon to build up new and exiting hard and software.


#LikeABosch TTN devices test series
Looks perfect - our new TTN devices in a nice case, with antenna, LiPo and many sensors inside and outside.


BOSCH X.D.K. Alexa Skill (german)
Finally we could make it happen - call your sensors with Alexa and get responses from our avatars.


LoRa, LoRaWAN und TTN Ulm
What is the Münster board? The Münster board is a simple LoRAWAN node that originated in the Ulm TTN / LoRaWAN community. It is based on an Arduino Pro Mini (ATmega328, 8 MHz, 3.3V) and an RFM95 LoRa radio module and has the shape of the Ulm Minster ;-) We got 2 Boards for building and testing - and finally we can say WELL DONE.
The node is cheap in price, robust and runs actually with a bunch of sensors in 24/7 mode absolutely perfect.


Hollywood 8.0 and APK Compiler 3.0
After 12 months of development, Airsoft Softwair, the hardest working men in code business, are proud to present the best Hollywood ever:

Hollywood 8: Supremacy
Version 8.0 is a massive update with many new features and bug fixes. The most important new feature is full RapaGUI support on Android, which allows you to create GUIs for Android devices using Hollywood. As always with RapaGUI, only native widgets are used so the GUIs look and feel completely native. This is a truly unique feature because no other software allows you to create native GUIs for Amiga (MUI), Windows, macOS, Linux (GTK+), and Android! On top of that, there are tons of other new features, bug fixes, and improvements.

Here is a non-exhaustive list of new features in Hollywood 8.0:
* Android core completely rewritten
* New network adapter plugin interface
* Ready for powerful new soon-to-be-released SSL/TLS plugin!
* Support for IPv6 in the network library
* Serial port support on all platforms including Android
* Multiple displays now supported on Android
* System notifications are now supported
* Icon support
* Action Bar now supported on Android
* Menu bars are now supported on Android
* Better support for HiDPI monitors
* Full RapaGUI support on Android
* Ready for RapaGUI 2.0!
* Hardware-accelerated drawing, scaling, and transformation on Android
* Camera support on Android
* Directories can be monitored from script code
* Hollywood scripts can call into Java code on Android
* Device vibration support on Android
* Whole directories can be linked to executables
* Gyroscope and accelerometer support on Android
* Ready for Hollywood APK Compiler 3.0!
* 80 new pages of PDF documentation, now 1034 altogether!
* Lots of other changes, optimizations and bug fixes


Hollywood 8 is the ultimate Multimedia experience and a must-have for all creative people.
It is THE major development tool of KeHoSoftware so far.

Particle Mesh Wi-Fi Bundle joins LCARS SmartHome and SmartGarden
The Particle Mesh Wi-Fi Bundle is a great way to start your exploration of the latest Particle Mesh hardware and software. This Wi-Fi bundle provides the key hardware and supporting platform to build mesh networking for your IoT project. Particle Mesh means you can create local networks that collect data, share messages, and connect to the Internet through a Particle gateway.

The bundle comes with three mesh-ready boards: the Argon, a powerful board that can act as a gateway between your home Wi-Fi network and your local Particle Mesh network and two Xenons, the end points or network repeaters, so you can start to experiment with a multi-device Particle Mesh network.
So on the Particle WEB-IDE these systems are joining their parents Particle Photon and RedBearDuo - sounds great!

BOSCH CISS Sensor and Grafana
We made first trials with the BOSCH industrial sensor CISS. System posts the sensor data into the Bosch IoT Cloud and also into a influxdb. A nice visualisation was done with Grafana.


XDK_S_WING sigfox online - InfluxDB, Grafana - 3 sigfox Sense'it received
Hello together, finally our first sigfox XDK SensorSystem is now online. We have made some small changes in the actually provided firmware from WB 3.4.0 to provide at first Illuminance Sensor Data every 15 Minutes in the testing phase. We have already implemented callbacks and API's to deliver the data to Dashboards and alerting systems.
We have received the 3 sigfox Sens'it systems from France - the quality and use cases of these sensors are amazing.
One is actually measuring humidity and temperature in our outside barn package room - the other one is working as an alarm house call button - the third will be run with our own ID and PAC to test use cases in own applications.



Sigfox ArduinoMKRFox1200 online - InfluxDB, Grafana, Cayenne Dashboard
This month we got our first sigfox devices - ArduinoMKRFox1200. We build some first small sensor solutions and are astonished how good the connection quality is - no problem inside buildings. Only point - 12 bytes data - 140 messages per day. So you should pack and code your data very well. Good news - we receive next 3 Sens'it V3.0.

Bosch XDK - LEM
We have received the new LEM extension of the Bosch XDK Sensor System.
Now you can measure easy current with help of the VirtualXDK App on your Phone.



Bosch Octopus IoT Suite Version - TheThingsNetwork - Cayenne Dashboard
Today we connected an Bosch IoT Suite Octopus System through our own Gateway to TheThingsNetwork.
The Sensor Data Visualisation was done with the Cayenne Dashboard.


Bosch XDK Innocomm S-Wing sigfox
Today we received a Bosch XDK S-WING extension for testing and building up new applications with this system.
At first we have printed a nice case with our 3D printer, which allows easy connection to the XDK. So stay tuned


Telegram - SmartHome Bot and the TTN 8-channel gateway now online
We are actually testing another bot system in our SmartHome application. All looks pretty nice and works perfect.
At first we have implemented all plugs - next are lights and sensors. So Marlene is really happy to serve you.
Also good news - the 8-channel gateway TTN gateway is now also online.


Node-RED - XDK - IoT Cloud
We have now connected our XDK's and all our other Things in the BOSCH IoT Cloud now with Node-RED! Visualize and analyze the sensor and all things data in your own flows. Connect and combine, build and design new applications with Digital Twins in the Cloud, which can now cover a growing number of use cases for you.

The Things Network is building a network for the Internet of Things by creating abundant data connectivity,
so applications and businesses can flourish. The technology we use is called LoRaWAN and it allows for things
to talk to the internet without 3G or WiFi. So no WiFi codes and no mobile subscriptions.
It features low battery usage, long range and low bandwidth. Perfect for the internet of things.
Actually we are testing a Dragino 1 channel gateway - soon we will provide also 8 channel gateways.


PushOver and Slack# are now available in the LCARS SmartHome as new Push Message Systems.

Search and analyze your sensor data in real time. Elasticsearch is a distributed, REST-based search and analytics engine, which can cover a growing number of use cases. As the heart of the Elastic Stack, it stores your data centrally, so that you can easily find what you are looking for and discover the unexpected.
Actually the BOSCH XDK SensorBlock and the Octopus System are the first who are posting the data into elasticsearch.

The Kibana Dashboard of the Bosch XDK

Spring is coming - time to build some smart outdoor sensor systems.
Cause I live near Stuttgart - a dust sensor system is now a must. See more details on https://luftdaten.info/ or on https://blog.helmutkarger.de/feinstaubsensor-teil-8-verkabelung-und-zusammenbau/

Here are some first trials. Also build some types of different outdoor moisture sensors.



Bosch ConnectedWorld 2018 is an annual event that celebrates the Internet of Things (IoT).
Presented by the Bosch Group, the fifth annual conference takes place February 21-22, 2018 at STATION-Berlin.

Bosch ConnectedWorld’s purpose is to provide the inspiration, education, and connections you need to thrive in IoT.
This February, they host more than 140 speakers on four stages presenting IoT trends and implementations in front of more than 3,500 conference and hackathon participants. Through inspiring keynotes, three session tracks, a huge IoT exhibition,  a Meet Up stage, a hackathon, and a lot networking opportunities, you will learn how the Bosch ConnectedWorld experience, and especially IoT, is truly remarkable. See you on #BCW2018 in BERLIN !

Check out our new Blog of the BOSCH XDK Sensorsystem - News also available with Amazon ALEXA.

We once again dealt with the BOSCH XDK. It was developed a firmware, which now with the help of an Influx database and Grafana can visualize your sensor data very nice and appealing. The whole thing we liked so much, that we also have this kind of visualization for to implement into our Smarthome application.
So look forward.


A new series of sensor nodes have joined the LCARS SmartHome - LoRa - long distances to our barn and apple tree plants are now no more a problem. We have build up some Arduino Nano and Octopus Nodes for testing.
As new gateway - the Dragino with LoRa and MQTT - grabs the sensor data and posts it to our mosquitto broker. So nothing else to change...

The SmartSensor and SmartHome Alexa Skills are now able to steer and call mostly every "thing" in the LCARS SmartHome system. Actually included the EQ3!MAX thermostats and the brennenstuhl outlets.

Bosch XDK Sensor Data analog - digital - external - all data stored in the Bosch IoT Cloud:
SmartSensor SmartHome Alexa Skill can call that data and provide with a short analyse.
And finally - ALEXA can steer directly our SONOS speakers.

Bosch XDK Sensor Data directly send to the Bosch IoT Cloud with the MyThings Service. Our SmartHome and SmartSensor Applications can grab the data and work with it. The XDK has now also a new nice outdoor casing.


Bosch XDK Sensor Data called out of the Bosch IoT Cloud with the Amazon Firestick and showed as TVCard.
All sensors, actors, services etc. in the LCARS SmartHome SmartSensor system will have this feature soon.


Bosch XDK can now switch all Philips HUE lamps in the SmartHome with easy clicking on button 1.
Pressing button 2 aktivates the alarm system. Now all Bosch sensors included + 4 external.

05.07.2017 and  06.07.2017
Winning project - an easy to use Datamining Tool for everyone.

New since 01.07.2017
The Calliope IoT system has been delivered today. With the Calliope mini, Germany want to give a start shot for digital education - so that all children can learn creatively and playfully from elementary school how the digital world of tomorrow works.


New since 11.06.2017
ParticlePhoton Alexa Skill has joined the LCARS SmartSensor and SmartHome today.
Switch and controll your hue lamps with perfect speech feedbacks, call all sensors in your SmartHome -- whatever -- all is possible - with Amazon Alexa and the Particle Photon.


New since
The famous OCTOPUS IoT education and developing board has joined the LCARS SmartSensor and SmartHome today. Five Nodes are now able to provide and send data via HTTP and MQTT to our applications.
Testing soon more and more sensors, GPS, LoRa ...

New since 07.05.2017
The Adafruit Cloud and the Cayenne Sensor Cloud have joined the LCARS SmartSensor and SmartHome today.
All Nodes are now able to provide and send data to this clouds.

Cayenne Cloud  Adafruit Cloud     

New since 01.05.2017
Bosch XDK Sensor Block sends data to webpage and can be called via Alexa.


XDK and Alexa

New since 19.04.2017
Alexa Skill SmartSensor is a another service which is now available. Ask Alexa about the humidity in your bathroom, the temperature on your terrace - what ever - perfect.


New since 13.04.2017
The Relayr Cloud has joined the LCARS SmartSensor and SmartHome today.
All Nodes are now able to provide and send data to this cloud.


New since 07.04.2017
The Logitech Harmony Hub has joined the LCARS SmartHome today.
Connected devices - activate TV, HD-Receiver, most everything  etc. with Alexa and the LCARS SmartHome

New since 03.04.2017
Alexa has a new boy friend - the Bosch SmartHome 360° indoor cam.
Connected devices - talk via the Bosch cam with Alexa and the LCARS SmartHome - amazing...


New since 19.03.2017
Amazon Alexa has now access to our SONOS Sound System.
Start your favorite Radio Station, Music Playlist or activate the famous "RED ALERT".


New since 26.02.2017
3D-animated Avatar Amy with Amazon AWS Polly Voice Systen joins the LCARS SmartHome System.

New since 10.02.2017
Bosch XDK accoustic sound sensor implemented in LCARS SmartSensor application.



New since 18.01.2017
Amazon has now Alexa and the EchoDot2 delivered ! 
LCARS Hollywood SmartHome application is now able to communicate with Marlene to Alexa - that's amazing.
Also every command and function is now possible via a voice command.



New since
XDK Cloud invasion has started - more and more THINGS coming online in the BOSCH IoT Cloud System.

New sice 28.11.2016
Next milestone - LCARS Smarthome application now on Philips Ambilight TV and Iphone6 working together with AppleTV. The complete Smarthome on the TV can be controlled with an app on the IPhone6s.


New since 26.11.2016
We are on stand by for our first delivery of the amazon echo and amazon dot devices working with the LCARS Hollywood SmartHome application. We have a new app on the pebble watch running which can handle very easy all our devices now. Also we have made progress with the blynk app. Every room has its own screen and we have also one extra for the complete SmartHome. On this screen we are able to send commands directly to the LCARS Hollywood SmartHome application. So stay tuned ...


New since 01.10.2016
Actually running tests with the BOSCH XDK SensorBlock to play our Kid Game PengoBrain.
Walking and moves are normal - turn XDK in correct direction an Pengo jumps. In the higher levels we have jump points - to activate them pengo must use a magnet and activate the xdk magnet field sensor - we have tunnels - pengo needs here more light and must iluminate the light sensor to a defined level, sometimes Pengo has to watch for humidity level and must increase with breathing on the sensor .... and so on. So - i think that could all be pretty amazing to kids. https://youtu.be/JHgT07iDbZU

SmartGarden is another actually running project. The garden sensors send the data to the Hollywood SmartHome application and also to the devicebit.com sensor cloud. Here we can see them on their web page or easy also on your Handy.


New since
From push buttons to e-panels, the development of technology keeps improving the way we interact with our surroundings. Since the advent of voice interaction technology, our life has truly become easier in many ways. We think we can take advantage of this technology, and achieve more with it – ReSpeaker provides an open source, modular voice interface that allows us to hack things around us, just using our voices.
We are making ReSpeaker compatible with our previous project the Wio Link and the subsequent members of the Wio family the Wio Node and the Wio Core.

New since 16.08.2016
We have won the second place - silver medal - Bosch XDK Ideation Jam.

XDK Ideation Jam

New since 25.07.2016
Wio Node - the smaller brother of Wio Link runs actually with solar powered LiPos in the LCARS Smart Garden.

New since 05.07.2016
We will participate with some projects done with an XDK soon.

New since 18.06.2016
Wio Node - the smaller brother of Wio Link will make his way to the Smart Garden and Smart Barn soon.
First tests with "self build garden sensor nodes" are running ...


New since 05.06.2016
The BOSCH BME280 Sensor has found his way to our smarthome sensor nodes.
This sensor is small in size and can provide humidity, temperature and pressure.

New since
The BOSCH XDK 110 Sensor has now also found his way to our smarthome.
Bosch XDK 110 - use case in LCARS Hollywood ... - YouTube
Bosch XDK 110 sensor data on IPhone - YouTube


New since 05.04.2016
Finally 10 WIO LINK Sensor Nodes - easy plug and play - have arrived and are connected to the smarthome


New since 21.03.2016
The SmartHome is now able to communicate with a Pebble Watch. Switch on/off your lights for example.


New since 01.03.2016
Sunfounder Sensor Kit (37 different sensor types) now for all nodes available.

Perfekt - our SmartHome has now 5 nodes build with the brand new RedBearDuos and the RBLinks.
The RedBear Duo is a thumb-size development board designed to simplify the process of building Internet of Things (IoT) products. The Duo is software compatible with Broadcom WICED SDK and provides everything you need—Wi-Fi, BLE and a powerful Cloud backend, all in a compact form factor that makes it ideal for your first prototype, a finished product, and everything in between. The Duo contains both Wi-Fi and BLE capabilities. This means your project can communicate locally with Bluetooth enabled devices and can also connect to your local Wi-Fi network to interact with anything else on the web. The Duo is built around the Broadcom BCM43438, a Wi-Fi 802.11b/g/n plus Bluetooth 4.1 (Dual Mode) combined chipset. They share the same 2.4GHz antenna and can run at the same time. This gives you the flexibility to utilize the most suitable wireless technology(s) for your project.

So far - ELEKTRA has now a second speech recognizer letting you use full-sentence voice commands.
MOVI™ is an easy to use speech recognizer and voice synthesizer. It is used with an Arduino board and provides an alternative to buttons, remote controls, or cell phones by letting you use full-sentence voice commands for tasks such as turning devices on and off, entering alarm codes, and carrying on programmed conversations with projects. It is programmed directly from the Arduino IDE.

New since 14.12.2015

Sonos sound system via gateway and WLAN integrated . Electra can now talk via the SONOS system.
Listen to your music collection and radio stations. Smart Home Wake Up in the morning now with Philips HUE and SONOS even more perfect. 

New since 02.12.2015
Module SQL database created - all sensor data are now stored in addition to the .csv data files in sqlite3 database files. The database will be used within the smart home application for comfortable evaluating and visualizing information .

New since 02.11.2015
Blynk is a Platform with iOS and Android apps to control Arduino, Raspberry Pi and the likes over the Internet. It's a digital dashboard where you can build a graphic interface for your project by simply dragging and dropping widgets. It's really simple to set everything up and you'll start tinkering in less than 5 mins.
Particle Sensor Nodes can communicate via Blynk app now with the Smart Home - control and receive data - ditto the Arduino Gateway.

New since 11.10.2015
- Particle Photon - Sensor Nodes
Sensor Nodes communicate via WiFi and MQTT with the smarthome.

New since 30.08.2015
- Particle Photon - WiFi for everything

The Photon is a development kit for creating Wi-Fi connected products, and the spiritual sequel of the Spark Core. It's based on Broadcom's WICED architecture, and combines a powerful STM32 ARM Cortex M3 microcontroller and a Broadcom Wi-Fi chip (the same one that's in Nest Protect, LIFX, and Amazon Dash).
Features and specs
Fits in a standard breadboard (with headers)
Surface mountable for machine assembly (without headers)
Backwards compatible with the Spark Core
FCC/CE/IC certified
STM32F205 ARM Cortex M3
Broadcom BCM43362 Wi-Fi chip
Open source hardware

New since 08.07.2015
- Voice Commands visualized with Elektra

New since 01.07.2015
- 433 MHz Sensor Nodes available

New since 10.05.2015
- Hollywood Player 6.0 SmartHome Chapter 001 hwa Datei online

New since 03.05.2015
- AmigaOS4 SmartHome Chapter 001 online

New since 28.04.2015
- Modul rooms with sensors and accessories implemented

New since 01.03.2015
- Prototyp Sensor Nodes and IFTTT Modul

New since 06.02.2015
- Prototype Sensor Nodes in ABS boxes


New since 31.01.2015
- Infrarot implemented - Apple TV, Philips TV, HD-Receiver

New since 20.01.2015
- Philips HUE - (Bridge, Bulb, Living Whites, Living Colors) new symbols
- Sensor Nodes Data in csv. data files

New since 02.01.2015
- LCARS Homeautomation communicates with RF24 Sensor Network
- Sensor Nodes are sending Humidity, Temperature, Light, Motion, Smoke


New since 04.12.2014
- LCARS Homeautomation Hardware in a box
- Modul voice commands - COMPUTER - switch light on

New since 25.11.2014
- Swann Door Chime

New since 12.10.2014
- IFTTT Mode - door open - make snapshot - send prawl push msg
- Prawl PUSH Messages


- Philips HUE light system integrated ( lighting system with brilliant colors )
- Philips Living Lights integrated ( dimmable sockets )
- Sensors such as temperature, humidity , luminous intensity , volume, etc. on Arduino YUN implemented
- 433 MHz receiver / transmitter on ArduinoMega integrated
- Brennenstuhl outlets integrated , controlled manually and timings
- Motion detectors, door - window contacts integrated with RED ALERT
- EQ3 integrated MAX heating control ( read only currently )
- Wake-up program - gentle wake with HUE Lights , music and automatic coffee cooking
- MQTT - Machine-To-Machine - Protokoll publish/subscribe - Broker RaspberryPi

INSTAR IP Cams integriert
- Weather online
- NIGHT Light Mode - dark blue light - nightlight to toilette

LCARS Hollywood Connect - Homeautomation - SmartHome
YouTube & BoingsWorld

A report on LCARS Home Automation is to appear in the Amiga Future Issue May , 2015. At the same time we have started a course how you you can build a system yourself.
The part 1 of the course you can also read 116 in the Amiga

SpiderCave - first Arcade Game

Remove ladders and chase the spiders. Harvest the giant yellow eggs with a Power Beam. Collect parachutes in to get more equipment. Assemble the big transport rocket in the last level and leave the Spider planet.


USA Nationalparks West - a multimedia travel guide - still hard work

The programs - and of course the multimedia CD's - you can order directly from us and reflect. Just use the order form available here. Also in many magazines - for example, AMIGA FUTURE you can get our freeware software on CD or DVD. Hollywood , a multimedia -oriented programming allows us now to create completely identical programs for all platforms on a cross-compiler. We currently recycle repeatedly old classics and new software with this compiler.

Hollywood software works on:
AmigaOS 3 (m68k) AmigaOS 4 (ppc) AROS (i386) Mac OS X (i386)* Mac OS X (ppc) MorphOS (ppc) WarpOS (m68k/ppc) Windows (i386) LINUX, Android. IPad2
MUI-Royale - MUI-GUI für alle Amiga Systeme und Android Versionen

The authors traveled since 1980 all 5 continents. In particular, North America has been repeatedly explored over a longer period per camper. In well over 200 000 driving kilometers we could collect a lot of information and experience, which we have introduced in our multimedia guides.
We currently place our USA National Parks Guide to new.


Alaska-Kanda (West) per Wohnmobil Schettler Verlag published.
Order book https://www.amazon.de (search Alaska und Hohl)
Travel Guide is available to all OS Systems - at no charge !

Dia-Archiv 3.02      Taran

Adventure game Taran im Abenteuerland got awards from educators and teachers.
The game Klix got the german sharewareprize and was sold to the famous
Coktel Vision France and used in the software Addy-Lernreihe.

Game for Kids - PENGOBRAIN
fuer AmigaOS4, AmigaOS3, MorphOS , Windows7, Linux386, Android
new since 01.10.2016 - play it with the BOSCH XDK SensorBlock

PengoBrain GameScreen